“... Restaurante Kais, installed in an old factory that supplied the electricity for the trams, and that, after having been refurbished was transformed into a espectacular restaurant to the light of candles: walls with bricks to the view, wrought iron elements, huge windows and olive trees in the interior. The international kitchen with a Portuguese touch, with excellent dishes such as shrimps in champagne sauce. Dinner is accompanied by a very unique band that plays live themes of Jazz and Blues. As complement there exists a celler on the base floor that offers an enormous diversity of Portuguese typical dishes like i.e, octopus salad...”
New York Times
Local of election to have dinner

“In spite of still not having been distinguished with any Michelin star, the food served in Kais is as notable as the industrial-chic decoration currents suspended on a high ceiling, water gushing down cascades, olive trees planted in the huge windows and Lloyd Wright inspired furniture. The result is simply brilliant, representing an excellent restaurant in any part of the world…”
Departures Magazine
Food and Wine favorite places in the world

“Located by the River Tagus, in an old warehouse, magnificently reconverted into a restaurant by the hand of the most considered Portuguese decorator, Kais offers the customer the highest quality standard.
The kitchen is international and very good, the service is perfect and the atmosphere excellent …”
Global Magazine
The best restaurants in the world

“It is one of the best European restaurants than we have ever visited. The atmosphere of KAIS is always glamorous. It is frequented by business men, politicians, artists and famous people, Portuguese and foreign, that complete from the perfect picture: an industrial-chic decoration conceived by the most well-known Portuguese interior decorator.
The delicious menu, for gourmets, includes modern interpretations of Portuguese traditional specialties…”
Charm Magazine
The caccia di piacere nelle capitali europee

“In a recent trip to Lisbon we went to visit the new restaurant KAIS. An old recovered factory, where the best of the new lusa gastronomy is offered. Respecting the industrial heritage Kais, is distinguished with great mediatism with its olive trees planted in the giant windows. A restaurant where You will dine as a King and that places Portugal in the route of the best restaurants of the World…”
Travel Magazine
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“An astonishing face-lift of an old warehouse sitting by the River Tagus…
With the fantastic flavours that result from its fabulous kitchen and an impeccable service, the night can only be of pure magic; definetly an unique restaurant at world level…”
Architectural Digest
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" And for not fleeing to the that offers of good Lisbon, well juntinho to Rio Tejo, is tasted with a good plate of perfected food, in the restaurant Kais. An impressive and futurist decoration for this port former-warehouse transformed in restaurant. A very perfected space, for apreciadores of the «nouvelle cuisine», with plates with a taken care presentation. Last creation of the group K, with an identical line to the image that you/they have been transmitting to the public with the discos Kremlin, Kapital and most recent Konvento. We suggested to try the Fresh Salmon Marinado and Seasoned, the Creamy Soup of Carangueijo, Cataplana of Lobster or the Steak of the Loin covered with Foie-Gras on Sauce to the Wine of Porto ".
Daily Económico
Night Inside

" A space where the futurist arquitectura and the gastronomy with ' griffe' is business card. Good arguments for conheçer Kais, even to the beira Tejo.
An impressive and futurist decoration that is born of the recovery of an old port warehouse transformed in restaurant. A very perfected space and for the true apreciadores of ‘nouvelle cuisine '. There, the plates are gentlemen of a requinte and a studied presentation that make the image of mark of the house. Kais is one of the last creations of the group K, with a line of identical arquitectura of interiors to the image that you/they have been transmitting to the public with the discos Kremlin, Kapital, recent Konvento and Klube, in Vilamoura.
The restaurant Kais is born like this of the recovery of an old warehouse to the beira Tejo, where, in the ends of the century XIX, the energy was generated for the eléctricos that still today circulate for the streets of Lisbon. And alone that already turns it in a different and only restaurant in Lisbon.
The ‘design ' and decoration of interiors has Maria José Salavisa unequivocal signature, that bet in the maintenance and respect for the industrial aspect of the time. The reflection and the result of this work, espelha well the thought of the arquitecto Otto Wagner, by which the Portuguese designer was inspired, in that the structure of a building and the material for her used they should be visible. And for this reason they stay to the view all the elements of the structure of iron and details of the old shop.
The olive trees milenares that you/they do of janitors of the space is a historical evocation of past and of a symbol of happiness. Therefore to the entrance, the water that gushes for a lake he/she suggests the connection to the sea and the historical mark of the discoveries. This sets ‘industrial-chic ' is also created by the furniture inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and for the game of lights and candles that transform the immense room in an intimate and homelike atmosphere to the sound of the band privativa that plays, live, eternal themes of ‘Jazz Fusion '.
It is later the gastronomy. Here we suggested that tries the «Fresh Salmon Marinado and Seasoned», the «Creamy Soup of Carangueijo», the «Cataplana of Lobster» or the «Steak of the Loin covered with Foie-Gras on Sauce to the Wine of Porto». it is BEEN he/she won't be sorry. Because ‘nouvelle cuisine ' well made and for the good forks, Lisbon arrived and it is to be. The group is of advising being an excellent restaurant in any part of the world. Only and to visit. In the bass part, the space gives place to other restaurant, Adega of Kais, where ‘nouvelle cuisine ' is substituted by the Portuguese traditional food. Being, in this case, its strong plate. Also to not to lose ".
Daily Económico
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